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We Are Boston, We Will Never Forget, We Will Run Again

Posted by on 1:50 am in Blog

First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been affected by the bombing at the Boston Marathon yesterday. I’ve had some time to watch the videos and hear the reports about the events that took place. I’ve had a range of emotions run through me, from being sad, horrified, angry, and inspired. I’m sad about what happened but I’m proud of the people of Boston on how quickly people responded and put themselves in harms way to help and save those in need.

At times like these, it’s amazing to see how we come together as a community. Not caring who you are or where you come from, we see a person in need and we act. It’s because of this that I have a great sense of Boston pride and have put some serious thought into running in the Boston Marathon next year. I’m not saying I will, but I am saying I’m seriously considering training and running in the marathon next year as an act of defiance to this act of terrorism and support for the people who have been affected by the bombing. I hope, if I go through with this decision to raise my arms in triumph as I cross the finish line with others who may decide to run for similar reasons.


Photo Credit: John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe

Karen’s Custom Cuisine | About Karen page

Posted by on 8:38 pm in Copywriting

Small businesses or startups shouldn’t be without great websites and copywriting. Talking with Karen herself, we came up with a great “About” page that gave Karen’s Custom Cuisine a personal touch while still retaining a professional look and feel. After working on how to present Karen on her site, we then went on to work on logos, social media presence, and the remainder of the website’s copy.

Karen’s Custom Cuisine | About Karen page


Communication Director magazine | “Pommes Frites & Magritte”

Posted by on 8:36 pm in Copywriting, Press Writing

Working with Communication Director magazine, Europe’s largest magazine for marketing and PR, we covered a rebranding campaign run by the Belgian government to encourage investment in one of Europe’s smallest countries. The article garnered coverage for the campaign and addressed whether it was successful or not.

P&B’s press writing service can help support your PR goals by crafting bylines and contributed articles for new products, services, and more. Get in touch to find out more.

Communication Director | “Pommes Frites & Magritte”

Spec ad | “Burn rubber” Toyota Prius print ad

Posted by on 8:32 pm in Copywriting, Web Services

Finding the Big Idea is often the key to creating great ads, whether in print or online. For these Toyota Prius spec ads, the P&B team got to the core of what Prius stands for: get where you’re going without damaging the environment.

With photo-realistic imagery and a simple tagline, the image connects simply but strongly to its core audience.

Spec ad | “Burn rubber” Toyota Prius print ad